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Travelling To Ethiopia

Before you go

Follow our step-by-step list to make sure you have everything you need so you can make and receive calls on your O2 mobile while you're abroad:

  1. If you don't have your voicemail service already activated simply call 1750. You can obtain a voicemail retrieval number by dialling 1780, and following the instructions. When you're abroad you can get your voicemail retrieval number by dialling +447802090100. To retrieve your messages dial your voicemail retrieval number. On some occasions you may need to press * and then enter your PIN.
  2. Re-programme your phonebook so that all your numbers you're likely to call have the correct country code in front of them, e.g. +44 for UK.
  3. Make sure your international calling bar has been lifted by calling your service provider. Their number will be on your bill.

Call Charges

This table charts Call Charges. Prices are incl. VAT
  Standard Charges
Calling back to UK £1.20
Receiving a Call £0.85
Calling In Country £1.20
Calling In Zone £1.79
Calling Out of zone £1.79
Sending a Text £0.40

More information about the networks

We have coverage in Ethiopia with the following network providers: